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SPA112 will not register

I currently am using a SPA112 to connect an analog phone to a remote VoIP phone system, there are 2 modes in which this phone system will operate, normal mode and extension mode. Extension mode allows you to use a much greater amount of extension numbers which is why I am using it, but there lies my dilemma.


The user ID for the phone system changes depending on what mode your in, for example...

Normal mode - 15000

Extension mode - *15000


The asterisk in front of the user ID is what I have found to be causing the issue, the SPA will register and work flawlessly while the phone system is in normal mode, but as soon as I switch to extension mode the SPA will no longer even register, I have tried the user ID on the SPA setup with and without the asterisk. I was on version 1.2.1 then upgraded to 1.3.3 and still had no luck.


My guess is the SPA is simply ignoring the asterisk I put in-front of the user ID. Any help will be much appreciated.

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When you mean extension mode?

When you mean extension mode? 

I have both the SPA 122 and Asterisk running at home.  I don't see the problems you are having.  I assign the asterisk a phone extension number.  

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The extension mode as nothing

The extension mode as nothing to do with the SPA, its a function on the phone system. And I dont mean the asterisk pbx I mean the asterisk symbol *

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Catch the SIP packets from

Catch the SIP packets from the ATA to your phone system. The catched REGISTER packet will reveal us if requested user id is used, or '*' become swallowed. And the phone system response to such REGISTER packet may disclose the reason for failed registration ...

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