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SPA122 Installation


I have an Australian NBN (National Fibre Broadband Network) Account with iinet Australia which includes VOIP Phone access and I am connected to the NBN through an ASUS RT-AC88U router to which I have connected a Cisco SPA100 Analogue Telephone Adapter.  I have tried installing the adapter according to the instructions provided by Cisco, using the VOIP  phone settings provided by iinet.  However, the Cisco SPA100 instructions are very limited.  The terminology used in the SPA100 instruction manual does not equate clearly to the terminology used by iinet.

Can you please provide me with an explanation of how to connect my phone through the SPA100 adapter using my ISP information below. I have my netphone number, password, PIN number, SIP domain and SIP server, but as I said, these settings to not relate directly to the SPA100 setup which has quite a complicated set of variables to choose from.  I have made numerous best guess attempts at installation, but I can't even get a dial tone.  Any help would be gratefully appreciated.

ISP Provided Information:

iinet Netphone Number: 0251002007 (Also username)

Password: kuelQGfC8

Pin: 9978

SIP Domain:

SIP Server:

Yours Sincerely;

Glenn Nattrass

Community Member

Re: SPA122 Installation

Hi Glenn,

Sorry to be so late in answering.

I have on my webpage a download which may be of help to you. Go to Downloads at

and get the "Cisco ATA SPA122 -".

This will extract to a folder with the same name.

There's a ReadMe text that tells you how to use it.

All the files to update your SPA100 series are there including Aussie ringtones etc.


Howard Moore.

VIP Gold

Re: SPA122 Installation

While I appreciate your attempt to help, it should be noted that's so dangerous to import device configuration taken from unknown source. Remember - it's possible to change admin password and disable reset to factory defaults with imported configuration - e.g. it's possible to revert the device into just brick with no chance to be repaired.

You should provide configuration in source. human readable, form so anyone can inspect it before use.


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