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SPA2102: Issues with digital/analogue extensions


We have a SPA2102 device configured to handle two extentions, 101 and 102. There are also a series of analogue phones spread around the office that we use.

The issue at hand is that the analogue phones will ring every time that extension 101 is dialed. This is as intended. However, when extension 102 is dialed, only the VoIP digital phones will ring. We would like to have the analogue phones ring on BOTH extensions.

We have looked through the SPA2102 online documentation as well as digging through the web interface setup, and simply cannot find the pertinent information to configure our device to do this.

New Member

SPA2102: Issues with digital/analogue extensions

The spa2102 has two phone ports.  I'm assuming that ext 101 is assigned to one port and ext 102 is assigned to the other port.  For that other port, does it show as registered to your sip proxy?

New Member

SPA2102: Issues with digital/analogue extensions

Actually, the problems was we want both extensions to ring on a single analog port, because that is plugged into a shared circuit with multiple phones on it.

We've now been told that is not possible.   Oh well.


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