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SPA232 + SPA302 Add blind transfer, Remove regular transfer

I have an SPA232 with a couple of SPA302 handsets.  I want to add the blind transfer and remove the regular transfer.

I found the setting (Blind Attn-Xfer Enable) in the 232's web admin and enabled it.  After doing a firmware update the handsets picked up the setting and blind transfer is now enabled.

I am not sure if the regular transfer can be disabled, but there is a setting under Supplementary Service Subscription called Attn Transfer Serv that I tried to turn off.  The handsets never changed.  I wasn't sure if setting that to 'no' did anything or if the handset just hadn't picked up the change.  So I reverted that change, and I turned Blind Attn-Xfer Enable back to 'no'

Now the handset won't remove the blind transfer setting.  I have turned the handset off and on. I have unregistered and reregistered the handset to the 232.  I have factory reset the handset.  I have rebooted the 232.  Nothing I do seems to force the settings to apply to the handset.

So I have two questions.

1) how can you make settings apply immediately?

2) how can you remove the regular transfer from the handset?

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