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SPA232D admin IP not accessible

Via the router DHCP server found the SPA232 admin IP, but the IP is not responsive for webadmin (ping works).

Cisco telephone support not helpful as they claim my serial no doesn't exist.

Please advice, factory reset not prefered due to configurations.

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SPA232D admin IP not accessible

One of purpose of admin password is to avoid disclose of sensitive part of configuration. If you are responsible admin, you know the password. If you forgotten the password, well, no problem, reset device to factory default, as admin you have all necesarry informations to configure it again.

If you are not responsible admin, you know no password, and you know no configuration details so you can't recreate the configuration from scratch, then the current configuration should not be disclosed to you (because of some sensitive informations from it).

That's all.

If your device is configured to fetch remote provisioning, then modify the provisioning source and change the admin password this way.

If you device is not remote configurable (remote provisioning not configuret or disabled), then device needs to be reset to factory default.

If reset to factory default is disabled, you are out of luck unless responsible administrator will tell you the valid password.

If you device is customized/locked to particular VoIP operator, then you are out of luck even with the reset to factory default. You will not know the operator-customized admin password even after it. In such case, only the VoIP operator in question may help you.

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SPA232D admin IP not accessible

Thanks Dan, being a responsible admin I still remember my admin password - this is not the issue. The issue is that I can't access the ATA via the IP (for the web interface) the router gives the ATA, also the pre-configured IP is not responding.

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SPA232D admin IP not accessible

OK, then It's another issue. Sorry, I misunderstood your original description.

  1. The WWW interface is accesible only from LAN (yellow port), not the WAN (blue port) unless configured otherwise.
  2. Access to WWW configuration may be disabled by configuration

Ad [1]: use LAN port for access to UI of device

Ad [2]: use IVR to enable WWW UI

Following document may help you (for the purpose of your question consider SPA112 to be equivalent to SPA232D):

SPA122 Web-UI Administration Access using the WAN Port

SPA122 cannot access web configuration utility

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