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SPA232D-G7 Analog+DECT handsets?

I just got a Cisco SPA232D-G7 ATA and one DECT handset. The ATA has ports for both hooking an analog phone and a PSTN line up to it, should you care to do so. What I would like to do is have both the DECT handset and also an analog phone ring at the same time, regardless of whether I get a call on the PSTN line or a VoIP line, but I'm having trouble with the setup.

In the config, there's settings for the PSTN line, Line 1, and DECT Lines 1-10. There's also settings for PSTN user, User 1, and DECT User. The PSTN line/user settings don't seem to have anything relevant from what I can see, if I configure the the SIP account in Line 1 it rings on the analog handset but not the DECT one, and there are no apparent settings to configure this, the User 1 settings have nothing of relevance, DECT user allows me to specify which outbound lines are selectable, but has nothing about inbound lines, and while the DECT Line 1 settings include an option for which handset to ring on, adding 'fxs' to the list, to make it match the similar option for the PSTN line, has no apparent effect. It accepts the setting and does not produce any errors in the logs, though.

Am I missing something obvious here? It would seem to be a pretty basic function. Why is this not working?

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