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SPA232D Problems with CID on attached handset

I have a CallerID issue with my SPA232d and am not sure where the problem lies.

I have the SPA232d connected to the PSTN line and also attached to a panasonic cordless handset.

Calls are routed from the 232 via FreePBX/Asterisk out to a soft phone and also back out to the handset plugged into the SPA232.

When a call comes in via the PSTN on the 232, no caller ID appears on the connected handset, however the CID shows fine on the softphone.

When a call comes in via VOIP, the CID is shown on both the 232's handset and the softphone.

A call from the softphone to the handset shows the CID fine.

If a PSTN call is in progress (i.e. answered by a softphone) then a call comes in over VOIP, the CID is not displayed on the 232's handset.

If the 232 is switched off, an incoming PSTN call shows the CID fine on the handset.

Note also that the CID is always shown in the SPA232d's web interface (Voice / Information both PSTN and Line 1 show the correct

Last Caller/PSTN Number)

It seems the CID issue only occurs when both ports on the SPA232d are 'in use' at once, is this a flaw in the 232, or do I have something set incorrectly?

Any ideas where to start?

Thanks for any help!

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SPA232D Problems with CID on attached handset

Turn on debug and catch debug and syslog messages.

Debug and syslog Messages from SPA1x2 and SPA232D ATA (Analog Telephone Adapters)

It will help you (or someone else) to analyze the issue.

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SPA232D Problems with CID on attached handset

Hi Dan,

Hopefully I have done it correctly, I went and captured two calls, one incoming via VOIP (through asterisk)

the other via PSTN.

the VOIP call displays the CID on the handset, the PSTN call does not.

Note that it appears the 232D identifies the CID in both cases.

Not sure how to attach large logs, so I have put a link below:

VOIP Call (CID shown on handset):

PSTN Call (no CID shown on handset):

Note I have also tried sending a PSTN Call, followed by a VOIP Call, to see if the VOIP call's CID would be displayed on the handset while a PSTN call was 'in session'.  The handset rang when the VOIP call came through, but no CID was displayed.  (I can paste this log also if it helps)

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