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New Member

SPA3000 problems


I know SPA3000 is EOL and I know I am going to upgrade soon. But since I have too much problems with it, I would like to know if there are any solutions and will these problems be resolved in SPA3102 or I have to look for another product.

My setup:

One SIP provider for both incoming and outgoing calls. One PSTN phone line for incoming calls and emmergency/1800 outgoing calls.

These are my problems:

  1. Sometimes it takes more than 5 seconds for the dialtone to start. During this time, my phone starts dialing so I have to hang up and dial again
  2. Missing dialed digits - I dial a number, but nothing happens. Have to redial. After that I look at calls log at the provider and see that a digit in the number is missing. As I can see the dialed number on the phone (and it is correct), the SPA3000 has missed that digit
  3. Caller ID problems on PSTN - Sometimes a private number is displayed for a caller on PSTN, while the caller has a caller id not blocked and most of the times this number is properly recognized
  4. Sometimes it takes about 10 seconds to answer incoming call. I have my computer also registered with a softphone. I pick up the phone, hear silence and the computer keeps ringing 5-6 times more until the call is connected with my picked up phone
  5. False DTMF during calls - hear beeps every couple of minutes during the call

I already played with PSTN line impedance to fix Caller ID problem with no luck. I know the proper value of the impedance for my line. I tryed all possible options and now using "Global" as the best value for me (less private callers).

Do you know any solutions for my problems? Will all my problems be resolved if I upgrade to SPA3102 or it is a waste for money, since I don't need any of it's features, just want to solve these problems.

Thank a lot,


    Cisco Employee

    Re: SPA3000 problems

    Dear Eugene;

    Try upgrading SPA3000 to latest FW (attached). After that:

    - Try increasing the FXO port gain, this will help with the detection of the (missing) digits

    - Not sure what it takes so long to start dial tone, potentially you have an old FW. This is not an issue on SPA3102 nor on last SPA3000

    - Caller ID is tricky. Try latest firmware, not sure which country you are located.


    New Member

    Re: SPA3000 problems


    Thanks for your prompt response.

    My current firmware version is 3.1.20(GW) and the attached version is 3.1.10d

    Is that firmware better than the one I have?

    Regarding increasing port gain: Did you mean FXS port gain (the problem is with outgoing calls)? I have input gain increased to 0 and output to +3. More that that produced echo.

    Regarding Caller ID problem: I am connected to a cable phone provider using Terayon 715x modem, so the FXO port of SPA3000 is actually connected to the FXS port of the Terayon modem. I know this is silly, but the cable provider does not provide SIP access to my own equipment. I tryed to search for Terayon modem line impedance without success.

    Thanks again for help,


    Cisco Employee

    Re: SPA3000 problems

    Dear Sir;

    This is a difficult one. Connecting to an unknown FXS port (from specification point of view) may have issues with power feeding as well as caller ID/progress tones specifications.


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