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SPA3102 Firmware Upgrade fails

I have searched this forum and other resources and have not been able to come up with an answer.  I have an SPA3102 that I am attempting to upgrade to to the latest firmware version (5.1.10 GW).  The current information is:

Software Version 3.3.6(GW)

Hardware Version 1.4.5(a)

The SPA3102 is on the same network segment and I have disabled virus scanning on the folder and files.  The error returned by the upgrade is:

SPA Firmware Upgrade Error

Upgrade Failed: Firmware Upload Incomplete

Searching the Internet this looks like a CRC failure but I don't know why that would occur.  There is no firewall (all ports/traffic are allowed to the IP address of the SPA3102).  Upgrade Enabled is set to "Yes".

Have I missed something here?  Is there an alternative way to do the upgrade or is there something simple that I have missed that can get the upgrade to work?



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Re: SPA3102 Firmware Upgrade fails

The solution, through trial and error, was to use a URL pointing to a web server that had the .bin file on it.  In my case, I had a local web server that I copied the file to and then used the URL:


It seems to have worked since the version now shows 5.1.10GW

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