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SPA3102 FXS bug? Will not send to SIP Port other than 5060

I have a SPA3102 that I am using only the FXS (Line 1) and trying to register to FreePBX

- SPA3102 IP address

- FreePBX IP address


It works fine when I use port 5060 on the FreePBx, but I changed the SIP bindport on FreePBX to, lets say, 9901, in order to hide it from internet attacks. 


So the FreePBX expects the SPA3102 to register its extension to SIP Port 9901, and will ignore requests to 5060.


Simple enough, but when I change the SIP Port in the FXS (Line 1) settings of the SPA3102, it doesn't register.

So I opened up wireshark and saw that the SPA3102 was doing something strange --


As you can see, it is using the "SIP Port" value as the port it is COMING FROM instead of SENDING TO



What gives? I hope this can be fixed.



Community Member

Theres no bug! I made the FXS

Theres no bug!


I made the FXS register by adding the custom port after the IP in the PROXY SETTING of SPA3102


For example





See this forum for more info

Just to rephrase the

Just to rephrase the answer

There are two ports involved.  The port you are sending to and the port you are sending from.  There is absolutely no requirement that they be the same number.

The Sip Port: setting on the SPA3102 Line Tab refers to the port you are sending from.

You put the port you are sending to in the Proxy address as the other post indicated, i.e.

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