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SPA3102 in ATA mode not dropping calls when VoIP disconnects

I've got an interesting problem - I've got a setup in the office which includes 2 PSTN lines, a Granstream gateway, a 3CX server, a few SPA504G phones, and a SPA3102 gateway connected to a few analog cordless phones and a conference phone. I've just incorporated the cordless phones into the setup, so I've just noticed this issue.

When I call the main office number, let it ring a while and then hang up, the PBX and all the IP phones acknowledge that there is nobody on the line anymore, but the analog phones connected to the SPA3102 keep ringing until answered. Obviously there's nobody at the other end by that time, so I just have to hang up, but for some reason the gateway can't detect when the PBX is no longer calling it.

I remember having the same issue when using the gateway between the PSTN line and the PBX - the SPA3102 couldn't detect when the caller hung up and you had to manually end the call each time using the PBX software.

I'm in the UK on a BT Business lines, though I don't think this is actually pertinent here, because the SPA3102 acts as a VoIP to Analog converter at the moment.

Has anybody got any ideas?

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SPA3102 in ATA mode not dropping calls when VoIP disconnects

On the line 1 side, verify the SIP BYE is making it to the ata.  It's hard to believe that side isn't dropping out.  I do see issues on the PSTN side, where you'd have to edit the PSTN Disconnect Detection based on the region where you live.

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