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SPA3102 - Line and Phone ports do not work anymore

Dear Cisco Support,

I bought an SPA3102 unit less than a month ago.

Apart some configuration problems with the dial plan, over all it used to work fine with the incoming/outgoing PSTN calls, and with incoming/outgoing VoIP calls.

But now an unknown issue has happened to my SPA3102 unit, and it prevents me from going on with my dial plan troubleshooting.

Here is what has happened:

I’ve just come back to office, and I’ve just re-powered the SPA3102 unit and re-plugged the PSTN line and the analogue telephone in order to do some troubleshootings with the Dial Plan...but I could not try them because there is a problem: the line and phone ports of the SPA3102 seem not to work anymore:

-    When I lift the phone receiver which is connected to the phone port (fxs), no tone and no sound at all can be heard. The same issue happens even if I try to dial out any number or any code on the phone keypad. The phone is just mute.

-    On the SPA3102 unit only the green power led is on. And even if I lift the receiver of the phone connected to the phone port of SPA3102, then no further led lights up on the SPA3102. The same analogue phone works fine when connected directly to the PSTN line. But the same issue happens also when I try to connect another analogue phone to the FXS phone port of the SPA3102.

-    The internet connection goes into the SPA3102 through the Internet Port, and the “internet led” on the unit is on. The internet connection is working fine, and I can access the web-based configuration page of the SPA3102 as usual. I can also change and apply settings, everything seems to work here in the setup area.

-    If I try to make a phone call from my mobile phone to my PSTN line (which is connected to the line port of the SPA3102) then I can just hear the free  “ring back tone”, but the analogue phone (which is connected to the phone port of SPA3102) does not ring at all – and the Line led on the SPA3102 does not flash or lights up. But if I connect the analogue phone directly to the PSTN line, then the phone rings properly and I can receive the call.

-    Every time I try to lift the receiver of the FXS analogue phone, then the phone led on the SPA3102 never lights up.

-    I tried to make a reset of the SPA3102 unit, but since I cannot the phone-based admin utility – then I can’t even type the reset command.

-    I tried to enter the following address into my web browser:
    but I got error “404 Not Found”.

-    So, I tried to make a reboot by entering
    it was recognized and the SPA3102 actually rebooted, but the issue did not solve again.

I enclose my current configuration file. As I said before, apart the Dial Plan rules, everything used to work fine and properly.

Please, what further steps could I try in order to try to solve the issue or to understand where the issue is?

Thank you very much for your help.


Community Member

Re: SPA3102 - Line and Phone ports do not work anymore

HI, line1 registration failed. I propose you to solve this problem first.

Cisco Employee

Re: SPA3102 - Line and Phone ports do not work anymore

Hi Franco,

I agree with Kabelnet2. The SPA3102 has been up for over 12 minutes and was not able to successfully register Line 1.

Also, please consider upgrading to the latest firmware, 5.1.10, available with login, from, here is a direct link.

You will not be able to make or receive calls until Line 1 has registered with your ITSP.

View Line 1's registration status at: web-ui > Voice tab > Info > Line 1 Status > Registration State

If you're wondering why registration failed, enabled debugging and configure a syslog server so you can view what the device is doing. Here are some instructions:




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