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SPA3102 - no Dial tone and/or IVR

Hello All!

I've pulled out this unit from the box, haven't used for longer time. Today after I've configured I found out, that I have no dial tone and I can't reset this unit via IVR.

Line1 and the PSTN is registering , when I call it, the interface will show, that the call is in progress, but the unit doesn't even ring.

Today I was told by the support, that the warranty expired already.....

Any help is appreciated and thanx for your time!

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the unit doesn't even ring

the unit doesn't even ring.

The SPA3102 doesn't ring by self. Also, RING is never generated on PSTN line. The connected phone on Line 1 needs to ring if called.

Well, at the first you need to take control over device's configuration. Whats the color/pattern on device's LED ? See Blink Pattern from Power LED for mode detailed description of Power LED patterns.

Have you a WWW access to the unit working ?

Are you running latest firmware available ?

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Hello Dan!Yes,I do have phone

Hello Dan!

Yes,I do have phone connected and running the latest firmware...

The LED are all 4 green, since both lines registering just fine. When I call Line1, I can see on the the interface, that the unit is receiving the call, just the phone doesn't ring....and no IVR....

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Well, it's either because SPA

Well, it's either because SPA is generating ring signal on wire, but not the type of signal recognized by particular connected phone, or SPA is not generating the ring signal at all (so it is broken).

Verify the configured ring waveform. frequency and voltage fit connected phone requirements. A multimeter may help you to verify a ring signal is generated on wire ...

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Dan, the phone is OK, because

Dan, the phone is OK, because is working fine on the other SPA. I wish if I could reset it at least..

Well, I guess its a broken unit....

Anyway I thank you for your time!!!

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I didn't claimed the phone is

I didn't claimed the phone is broken. I claimed the SPA is generating the ring signal of type not recognized by the phone. E.g. misconfigured SPA.

Well, as you have access to WWW GUI you can reset the unit. At least you can reset other unit, save it's (factory default) configuration into a file then provision the suspicious unit with it. It will result in factory-default configuration of the SPA in question.


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Dan,I have access to gui at


I have access to gui at but I'm not sure about how to factory reset.....I've done before through IVR...

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Save configuration of a

Save configuration of a virgin unit (set to factory default) into file. Put such file on tftp, ftp, http server. Configure "Provisioning Rule" option of device with issue - order it to load the saved file. As the saved file is the image of factory default configuration, the suspicious unit should revert to factory default on load of such configuration file.


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Dan,I don't have a virgin


I don't have a virgin unit, but I have one, that is functioning properly...I guess thtat's fine too.

Anyway, thanx for your time again!!!

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I don't have a virgin unit,

I don't have a virgin unit, but I have one, that is functioning properly

Yes, any unit can be considered 'virgin' after reset to factory default ...

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