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SPA3102 PSTN Calls and engaged tone

I'm configuring a SPA3102 to make PSTN calls. I'm doing this to ensure I can make basic calls before I move onto the SIP side of things.

My problem is that I lift the receiver and get the dial tone (or what I think is the dial tone) and then dial the number. It makes the tones to show that its dialing, but then reverts back to the dial tone and shortly after I get a busy/enganged tone.

The odd thing is that I've tried setting up Callmanager express and I'm getting the exact same problem in diverting calls out through the fxo port to the PSTN.

I've tried fitting the cable into the master BT socket as well as an extension I've got - the normal phone works oj when its plugged into the same sockets.

I've seen another thread on here about the same thing however it didnt seem to get answered.

Can anyone give me a stear in the right direction ?


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