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SPA400 UK - Will not Drop Line after Call

I have setup a SPA9000 + SPA400 PBX system and still having major issues, also using 7x SPA509g Phones.

My issue is, when i make a call to an outside line using the SPA400 gateway the next time i make a call the line is engaged. I can get it to work a few times but its not very stable. the max amount of times it will work in one session is 3 or 4. then a reset is needed.

I dont know if its because the PSTN line is acctually being output from a Oneaccess 100 smart box.

I assume that it is outputting the correct dial tones for UK BT.

my other issue is when i change the 'Caller ID/CP Tone Method' to UK BT in the Setup->Voice tab. and save. when I want to change any settings after it will not save? bug in the firmware?

I have used both and firmware on the SPA400 and no differece.

All firmware is the SPA9000 and SPA509g phones is the latest versions.

Current SPA400 Settings



: Dialing Parameters  
Tone out on: 300 ms
Tone out off: 300 ms
DTMF power: -80 (-400 ~ 30) * 0.1 dB
Answer after: 2 Rings (Not less than 2)
Dial out wait: 800 ms
Dial out battery threshold: 20 Volts
: Line Settings  
Transmit Gain: 3 dB (-13 ~ 13)
Receive Gain: 0 dB (-13 ~ 13)
Impedance: 370 Ohms + (620 Ohms || 310 nF)
Tip/Ring Voltage: 3.5V
Operational Loop Current Min: 10mA
On-Hook Speed:  0.5ms
Ring Frequency Min: 10 Hz
Ring Frequency Max: 100 Hz
Ring Validation Time: 256ms
Ring Indication Delay: 512ms
Ring Timeout: 640ms
Ring Threshold: 13.5 - 16.5vms
Ringer Impedance: High
DC Current Limiting: Enable
Caller ID/CP Tone Method: European (FSK)

: Loop period shut-down as disconnect signal
Minimum period for disconnect signal: 90 ms
Tear down FXO port when silence detected for: 60 sec


Tone on fraction 50%        

Hicut off freq 430 Hz       

locut off freq 380 Hz    


Detection Time
1st ON 50 ms                

1st Off 3000 ms           

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