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SPA504G IP phone seems in working order except it will not ring. all calls go to voicemail

The phone makes outgoing calls just fine.

If a call comes to the phone however it goes straight to voicemail. Also, we cannot forward calls from it either.


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This could have many

This could have many possibilities, what have you done so far?

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Well not much. I've tried

Well not much.


I've tried taking the phone itself to different locations on our network, to see if at a different location it would ring, but it did not. The phones themselves are designated certain extensions, so I didn't really think that would work.

Then we tried forwarding the calls to another number to see if it was just the actual ringer not working, but that's not the case either. It doesn't ring at all through the earpiece, but goes straight to voicemail.

Also, simply adjusting the volume on the phone, or changing the ringer, we've found that the ringer itself still does work. Just not for incoming calls. It seems the phone itself is not recieving the calls, because the screen as well does not show the incoming call, but it does however indicate when there is a new voice message, and then works fine when we check them.


I'm afraid I'm not very technical, and this is about as far as my experiments have gone.

Any tips for troubleshooting?


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Oh, and we've rebooted the

Oh, and we've rebooted the phone, and turned it off completely, and back on a number of times.

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