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New Member

SPA8000 daylight settings

I'm having issue with SPA8000 daylight settings

using this parameters for NSW timezone (used in other SPA units eg SPA900, 500 series etc)

<Time_Zone ua="na">GMT+10:00</Time_Zone>

<Daylight_Saving_Time_Enable ua="na">Yes</Daylight_Saving_Time_Enable>

<Daylight_Saving_Time_Rule ua="na">start=10/1/7/2;end=4/1/7/3;save=1</Daylight_Saving_Time_Rule>

it doesnt seem to work on this SPA8000 as its not showing the correct time.

Software Version:


Hardware Version: 1.0.0

Any thoughts ?

New Member

SPA8000 daylight settings

Try the following, exchange the start and end dates and use save=-1 instead.  The result should work.

New Member

SPA8000 daylight settings

Hi nseto,

Thank you for your response. We have tried entering the Time Rule as start=4/1/7/3;end=10/1/7/2;save=-1 however we are still unable to display the correct time on the device.

Example of what we see

Actual current date/time:

2/27/2012 16:28:09

Displayed date/time on SPA8000:

2/28/2012 15:53:09

Do you have any further suggestions that we can try?

New Member

Re: SPA8000 daylight settings

The rule shouldn't take effect since it's set for april to october.  Time shown should be actual, what are you using for the time server?  We recommend populating the Primary NTP Server parameter with a well known ntp server such as  Also, make sure the Time Zone parameter is setup to the correct GMT offset for your region.

New Member

SPA8000 daylight settings

Hi nseto,

The SPA8000 is now able to retrieve the correct timezone settings (just took a while to update off the NTP). Thank you for your help.

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