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SPA8000 DNS SRV Configuration Question.

I am trying to use DNS SRV records to get the proxy addresses.   We have the SRV records created and can see that the SPA8000 is getting them via a packet trace but when I make a call the DNS SRV domain gets sent in the invite and not the proxy address.  Then invite gets sent to the correct proxy host but the invite is in an invalid format or something and I get a 400 bad request from the proxy server.  

I'm not using the default SRV record name so my proxy looks like this in the SPA.  


Use DNS SRV:  Yes

DNS SRV Auto Prefix: No

The invite looks like this    INVITE SIP/2.0

Is there a way to send the call with the IP of the proxy server, or something else,  in the invite?

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SPA8000 DNS SRV Configuration Question.

For actual registration, use the outbound proxy parameter.

For what you want to show in the From: for the Invite, put what you want to display in the Proxy parameter.

Be sure to set 'use outbound proxy' to yes.

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