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SPA8000 not accepting incoming calls

Hi, I am configuring a spa8000 to accept a sip connection coming in but is having a bit of issue.  I have it where it will make calls going out but will not accept incoming calls.  According to my ITSP the spa8000 rejects the inbound calls with a 404 error.  I cannot seem to locate the fix for this.  Any suggestions?

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SPA8000 not accepting incoming calls

It's not configred properly.

It's so hard to give a better suggestion as we know no configuration of affected line nor the SIP INVITE that's rejected.

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SPA8000 not accepting incoming calls

Assuming incorrect configuration as mentioned.  Any ideas what to check / adjust?

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Re: SPA8000 not accepting incoming calls

I'm so sorry, but I'm not clairvoyant. Show us the SIP INVITE that's rejected, show us your current configuration (delete passwords if present). Then someone may give you a helpfull advice.

In the mean time, double check you configured the phone number to be exactly the same as used in incomming SIP INVITE (it may not be the same as dialed by caller).

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