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SPA8000 Paging Disconnect Issue

I am using a port on the SPA8000 to ring a PagePal analog paging device but having an issue getting it to disconnect. The port is set up as a SIP user on a VoIP telephone system. Fax machines and other analog devices seem to be working fine however, after the page is done it isn't hanging up and I'll get a fast busy over the loudspeaker for 5-6 seconds.Are there any disconnect settings I can change to get the port to hang up faster?



SPA8000 Paging Disconnect Issue

Try to configure the Calling Party Control. CPC signals to the called party equipment that the calling party has hung up during a connected call by removing the voltage between the tip and ring momentarily. This feature is useful for auto-answer

equipment, which then knows when to disengage. CPC is configured in the Regional, Line, and PSTN Line tab.

CPC Delay Delay in seconds after caller hangs up when the ATA device starts removing

the tip-and-ring voltage to the attached equipment of the called party.

Range: 0–255 seconds. ATA device has had polarity reversal feature since

release 1.0 which can be applied to both the caller and the callee end. This

feature is generally used for answer supervision on the caller side to signal to

the attached equipment when the call has been connected (remote end has

answered) or disconnected (remote end has hung up). This feature should be

disabled for the called party (in other words, by using the same polarity for

connected and idle state) and the CPC feature should be used instead.

Without CPC enabled, reorder tone will is played after a configurable delay. If

CPC is enabled, dial tone will be played when tip-to-ring voltage is restored

Resolution is 1 second.

The default is 2.

CPC Duration Duration in seconds for which the tip-to-ring voltage is removed after the

caller hangs up. After that, tip-to-ring voltage is restored and dial tone

applies if the attached equipment is still off-hook. CPC is disabled if this value

is set to 0. Range: 0 to 1.000 second. Resolution is 0.001 second.

The default is 0 (CPC disabled).

Let me know the result.


SPA8000 Paging Disconnect Issue

Check alse the Callee On Hook Delay and Reorder Delay options under Regional menu.

Callee On Hook Delay: Phone must be on-hook for at this time in sec before the ATA device will tear

down the current inbound call. It does not apply to outbound calls. Range:

0–255 seconds.

The default is 0

Reorder Delay: Delay after far end hangs up before reorder tone is played. 0 = plays

immediately, inf = never plays. Range: 0–255 seconds.

The default is 5


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SPA8000 Paging Disconnect Issue

Probably the same issue as this post:

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