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SPA8000 "partial" dialing and 484 ADDRESS INCOMPLETE responses


I'm using SPA8000 units with Asterisk servers.

I would like to know if the SPA8000 supports "early dialing" or "partial dialing" with "484 ADDRESS INCOMPLETE responses".

I would like that feature because I don't want the Linksys device to do the dial pattern matching but Asterisk itself (via 484 replies until a complete match is available).

It's something about "supporting 484 responses" that, eg., Grandstream GXW4008 units seem to do.

I tried the SPA8000's L1-L8 "Dial Plan" parameter but it doesn't work as I would like it to.

A practical example:


will match * codes with 1 or more digits. However, I want my users to keep using *8 for call pickup and it must be "fast" (the "short" timeout is not good enough unless I set it to 0 seconds). On the other hand, I want users to be able to dial more digits without having to do it fast (like 3-digit codes which may require 1 or 2 seconds inter-digit for "slow" users).

I could specify the matches exactly in the Linksys dial pattern such as:


but that would harder to maintain, especially since I will have about 20 ATAs and my Asterisk dialplan will surely change in time.

I may have overlooked the SPA8000's configuration options.

Is there a way to do "early dial" in the SPA8000 (and simply set (*x.|#.|x.) on the Linksys device and let Asterisk handle the matching)?

Thanks in advance,



I set:

Interdigit Long Timer: 10

Interdigit Short Timer: 3

and dial pattern:


However, if I dial *8 to pickup a call then I have to wait 3 seconds.

If I dial *8#, the pickup is done right away.

I don't understand why it's waiting for the "Interdigit Short Timer" if *8 is a direct match and there are no other possible candidates.

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