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Spa8000 voice menu dosen't recognize tones

We have an spa8000 that we've had for a while. We need to get into it to adjust some settings. The drfault password has been changed and we don't know what it is, we think our service provider reset it though the device was bout on the open market and was not locked when we bought it. The service provider dosen't seem to know what password they would have setup.

We are trying to do a factory reset using the interactive voice menu. When we connect an aloog phone and hit "****" we get the nice brittish lady welcoming us and asking us to enter the code. We then try to enter the reset code, and the ATA only seems to recognize the touch tones for the first couple digits we press. The number of recognized digits varies from attempt and ranges from 1-3. Have tried entering various other codes besides the reset code, but can't get any of the interactive voice menu codes to do anything.

Am wondering if this simply menas the ATA is damaged, or if the voice menu has been somehow locked out. Any other way to do a factory reset?

Any advice is welcome.



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New Member

Spa8000 voice menu dosen't recognize tones

Answered my own question. Had to disconnect the internet cable, then it would accept the voice menu reset tones. The reset appeared to work, but I still can't login to the device. It dosen's seem to have gone back to the factory defauly username and password.


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Spa8000 voice menu dosen't recognize tones


I am not sure if you have tried the factory reset which has the command



or the User factory reset which is 877778.

Generally, the 73738 command resets everything including the username and password.



New Member

Spa8000 voice menu dosen't recognize tones

Thanks...I did do that, and it did work (so long as I have the internet cable disconnected from the ATA). However, when I reprovisioned the device automatically with my service provider, their setting locked me out again. I finally had them change my accountot manual SIP credentials, reset the device again, setup my SIP credentials manually and then could adjust those other settings I was after.

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