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New Member

SPA8800 Fault

I have a ~13 month old SPA8800 that won't start. I changed the FXO and FXS ports from UDP to TCP and saved the configuration. It's now stuck in a loop during the boot cycle. The power light comes on followed by the Ethernet, then the status lights 1 to 4. After all four lights come on the box restarts.

You can hear the relays on the board clicking as each status light comes on. The box has the 6.1.7 firmware.

I can't do a factory reset as I never get a dial tone. Is there anything else I can do to reset it?

New Member

SPA8800 Fault

Try disconnecting the ethernet cable and then with an analog phone connected to phone port 1, dial the IVR with **** and see if you can have the unit accept the digits for RESET (match up the letters with the digits on the phone).   See if it replies with enter 1 to confirm and then do so.

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