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SPA8800 incoming calls

Hi All,

Does SPA8800 work in similar way SPA3102 does? can we answer call that is made to the PSTN line on the analogue phone connected to Phone1 port of the gateway.

Finally got SPA8800 to my hands, and almost got answer to my question:

I've PSTN line connected to Line 1 port on the SPA8800.

I've analogue phone connected to Phone 1 port on the SPA8800.

When we pickup analogue phone(Phone1 port), we can make call using PSTN line connected to Line 1 port on the gateway, but when we call no. of the PSTN line, the phone that is connected to Phone1 doesn't ring. So it works different  than in SPA3102.

Now the question, is it possible to answer call that is coming to PSTN line, connected to the Line 1 with analogue phone connected to Phone1 port?

If it is possible, what parameters should we modify?


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Re: SPA8800 incoming calls

Hi lukasz_naumowicz,

Are you wanting to answer the call without any call control?

If you remove power to the SPA8800, the relays will close and Line1 -- Phone1, Line2 -- Phone2, etc.

However, with power to the unit, in factory default mode, Phone1 can use Line1, Phone2 use Line2, etc.

WRT inbound, you can force the Line to answer without any registration, but the call needs to be routed to the FXS port and I can't think of a way to accomplish this without call control.

Can you explain what you are trying to accomplish please?

What call control are you using?

Here's an Application Note on using the SPA8800 with Asterisk in case you've not seen it:




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Re: SPA8800 incoming calls

Hi Patrick,

Thank you for explanation. One of our customers would like to use SPA8800 as if it was 4 x SPA3102.

So he can answer on analogue phone plugged to Phone1 port incoming calls both:

from SIP account configured in Phone1 tab (for external ITSP)

and from PSTN line connected to Line 1 port on the SPA8800.

Is it possible, without additional SIP server for call controll?

Best regards,


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