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SPA8800 or four SPA3102

We have many sites that we intend to use Cisco SPA devices at.  Many of them have 4 FXO lines that we intend to put FXS/FXO ports between.  We are trying to decide whether to use a single SPA8800 in between our PBX and the telco lines, or 4 separate SPA3102's.  Besides the overhead of administration/power/LAN ports/physical space, are there reasons to use the SPA8800 rather than 4 separate devices.  Our cost would actually be less using the SPA3102's.  We also see an advantage of having them separate, as any power supply or hardware issue would be isolated to a single line.  This is solely for voice traffic to a freeswitch system, no fax or other advanced features are used. 

Any input is appreciated. 

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Re: SPA8800 or four SPA3102

Dear Sir;

Our recommendation is to use a SPA8800 because it is easier to manage (one device only vs. separate devices), as well as it is greener (lower power consumption). The other main difference is on the support services. For SPA8800, you can order a SB Pro Service, which includes extended warranty and support for 3 years, including next business day delivery depending on your location.

Other than this, these products operates the same way, so either option will be ok from operational point of view.


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