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spa8800 pstn answers but no audio on windstream co

Hoping someone out there might have some insight...

My company provides a voicemail / auto-attendant solution that utilizes the spa-8800 gateway.  This gateway has 4 FXO ports to receive the standard PSTN lines and 4 FXS ports to wire back out to analog extensions or co ports of traditional PBX phone system, our voicemail / auto-attendant application connects to the gateway via SIP and we have defined a dialplan to route callers to our application.

We have several sites live in the field working properly but have run into an issue with one recent install that happens to have Windstream as their telco provider and need assistance / input.  

At the site with the issue, when a inbound phone call is made to any of the CO's connected to the spa-8800 that are plugged into any of the 4 PSTN ports, the CO line rings through the gateway, is routed to the software SIP based application , which goes off-hook, answers, but the caller doesn't hear any audio (the auto-attendant menu), however the SIP extension hears the caller (the caller can talk, can dial DTMF, etc).

We know this is not a configuration issue because this exact same hardware  / configuration works in our lab connected to standard PSTN lines (also provided by Windstream) as well as analog extensions off several lab PBX systems.

In the sites that are working, as well as our lab, the CO's have very similar readings as the site with issues:

on-hook voltage: 52

off-hook voltage: 10

ringing voltage: 90

Where there is a difference between our lab and the site with issues is the milliamp readings.  In our lab as well as on-site where we are operating properly, we are seeing 26 - 28 milliamps on the CO's (the CO's should be between 25 - 35).  At the location where we are not working, we are seeing 19 milliamps on all 4 of the CO's that come in from Windstream, it is the only difference between our working lab environment and the customer site with the issue.

We are hoping that the FXO impedance and milliamp parameters under advanced settings may provide us with a means to resolve the issue, however we spent 3 hours on site today without resolution.  Hoping someone out there might have input / experience 


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