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spc for SPA122 "Restore has failed"


I'm tyring to extract the .xml config of my SPA122, then edit the .xml and then upload it to my SPA122.

My problem is that I always get the "Restore has failed." -message when I try to do "Restore Configuration" over the webinterface.

For troubleshooting I've created this example:

C:\spa112 conf generator>spc --sample-xml test.xml

  spc: generated SPA122 sample configuration test.xml

C:\spa112 conf generator>spc --xml test.xml config.cfg

  spc: generated SPA122   config.cfg   len=47552 bytes

Even with this generated config file by the sample .xml file, I get the same error ("Restore has failed").

I also tried with several encryption options provided by the spc tool.

Is there a certain way the file must be encrypted?

What am I doing wrong?

Any help is greatly appreciated.



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Yeah, this is an old post,

Yeah, this is an old post, but i have been searching for a solution.  Here is what I found.  First, I downloaded the SPC for the firmware i am using (in my case 1.3.5).  I then ran the command to generate a sample XML just like you did:  spc --sample-xml test.xml

I then edited the SAMPLE XML (i did not use the XML from the http://IP/admin/config.xml output).  Once i made my changes i placed my new XML on a accessible TFTP server to my SPA and ran the following command:

http://DEVICEIP/admin/resync?tftp://TFTPSERVER/new_config.xml&xuser=admin&xpassword=admin  This was from page 21 of the PDF:

I saw the SPA immediately pick the file up from my TFTP server.  After about 30 seconds my continuous ping stopped, the device rebooted and when it returned my newly created XML took the place of all the default config settings.

Hopefully this helps someone else from wasting a few hours.


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