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Swedish settings for SPA100-series

I have trouble getting my SPA112 to act like a "normal" phone in sweden.

For example:

  • Tones
  • Delays (takes time after the number are keyed in)
  • Overall, I want to enshure it is properly configured for Sweden.

Is there any documentation available? Must be many customers outside US (that need to change the default setup).


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Well, it may not be the best

Well, it may not be the best place for such kind of question. You are not asking "how to configure SPA112 to have known characteristics" but you are asking about the characteristics of PSTN in Sweden. It is not SPA112 specific question, it's is rather Sweeden-telecomunications specific question.

Well. history of Sweden (related to telecommunication) is similar to other European countries. I assume that POTS line behavior is defined by a document issued by Swedish Post- och telestyrelsen. But it has been very similar to the historic behavior, so a historic document from Televerket may help as well.

Also, there are some secondary sources of information, like

ITU's Various Tones Used in National Networks ("Tones" question)

National numbering and addressing plans ("Delays" question, partially)

Also ETSI documents may help - like TR 101 183 (Analogue ringing signals, including definition for Swedish).

Don't forget to set Caller ID related things, but note that Caller ID seems not to work reliably with SPA112 at all.

I fully understand that you are wishing for cooked, SPA112-ready configuration supplied by someone. I hope a someone will offer you the one. If not, create the one based on documents I mentioned above (notably the documents issued by national regulation body). Ask the PTS for help with searching appropriate documents.

Then create new document (not discussion) here describing the configuration you discovered. It will help other Swedish users of (not only) SPA112.


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