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Trying to interface the Cisco SPA2102 phone adapter

This phone adapter was working well until the provider when out of business.  The new company is trying to interface this phone adapter to work with their system.  The previous provider, provided me with the administrative password.  This was used to get into the phone adapter to get an IP address.  Then the adapter was reset to default status.  Then the tech person from the new provider could not get the default user name and password to work.

Today I talked to a Cisco tech person and he again used a different code to change the phone adapter to default.  Then he had me try admin as the user and admin as the password but this was not accepted.  Then he had me try admin as user and no password but this didn`t work either.  Can you help me with this issue


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Is it OEM customized device ?

Is it OEM customized device ? If yes, you need to ask the appropriate OEM for default password. If you don't know, the Cisco support should tell you (based on adapter's serial number).

This is public forum and we are volunteers only. We have no access to Cisco internal database, so we don't know the particular device has been OEM customized or not.

If you can access WWW UI of adapter, the Customization state is shown here.

As long as it's not OEM customized device, the default password will work past reset to factory default, so I assume you have customized adapter.

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