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Version-style conditional expressions broken on XU image.

Just few days ago, the new firmware version 1.3.2(XU)  has been released for both SPA1x2 and SPA232D.


It identify self as version 1.3.2-XU(014). Unfortunately, version string is defined as three non-negative integers separated by periods followed by optional alphanumeric string in parenthesis. 1.3.2-XU(014) doesn't follow the rule.


As a result, it's not possible to use $SWVER in version-style conditional expressions. Only string-style expressions are working. All version-style conditionals evaluate to FALSE, even the ( $SWVER eq $SWVER ).


Well, it's just another firmware bug. I'm sure it will be solved in a future firmware version. I'm not living in the country with restricted access to cryptography, so no reason to use XU image.


Despite of it, there is issue related to it. I assume that bug mentioned above will be patched and -XU will be ignored in SWVER string. So 1.3.2(014) will equal to 1.3.2-XU(014).


According Lance Harper's notice elsewhere, future devices will be shipped with XU image. Imagine someone who is using conditional expression "if device firmware less than some selected minimum then upgrade". It can be done using trivial conditional expression ( $SWVER lt <a minimal acceptable version> ).  I advance, such person is using SRTP. So XU image needs to be updated to non-XU version even it's newer than required minimum.


I assume we need something like "if SWVER less than minimum OR image is XU style then upgrade".  So, how I can test the device's current firmware is the XU-style image or not ? And how I can do "OR" in conditional expression?

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Version-style conditional expressions broken on XU image.

Thanks, I've logged this for dev to resolve.  Bug ID is CSCuj33644.

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CSCuj33644 is listed in

CSCuj33644 is listed in Release Notes of 1.3.5(XU) firmware for SPA112/122 as "solved issue".

Note it's NOT listed in neither RN of 1.3.5 firmware for SPA1[12]1 nor in RN of both 1.3.5/1.3.5(XU) firmwares for SPA232D

Also note that XU image is still undistinguishable from conditional expressions and there is no formal bug report created as far as I know.

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