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WRP400 FTP passive mode ports forwarding

Hi All,

I'm having problems with port configuration of my router WRP400.

I have PC behind NAT with installed firewall on it.

The configuration:

FTP waits for connections on port 21

FTP data port on 4000-4200,

On PC firewall I enable both to be allowed to open.

On router I put Single Port Forwarding FTP to my PC and port range 4000-4200 to my PC

What happens:

Client can connect, when changing to passive mode, the server command

227 Entering Passive Mode (192,168,15,100,15,164) //port 4004

is translated into:

227 Entering Passive Mode (80,238,106,98,19,137) //port 5001

I understand that local IP is replaced by public one, but why the port is changing?

When it comes back to me, it is not replaced back to port 4004, and I have request on 5001, which is stopped by PC firewall.

How can I have FTP on 21 and data packets set on 4000-4200?

Thanks, Tomasz

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