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2 Isps, 2 Routers Redundancy

Hey guys!

thanks for reading my post.

i have two routers, one is a 3800 and one is a 2901.

the 2901 is connected to an isp on a leased line with a /27 address pool and runs another 2 adsl lines on a vdsl hwics for users internet browsing.

the second is connected to a second isp on a leased line with a /27 address pool and runs a cable l2tp dialers as well for users internet browsing.

both firewalls are not directly connected, but connected through a firewall.

what i want to do is basically use those routers to backup eachother. preferable through the firewalls for the security, because i don't want to create any other bridging.

now statically - that's a lot of mess and configuration.

do you have any offers for me?

i can add wics and connect those together if needed.

i appreicate any help.


Hi, By backup, do you mean



By backup, do you mean one active at a time and second one only active once primary has failed ?

If this is your requirement, HSRP or VRRP can be used.

You might also be interested in GLBP by the way.



Smitesh Kharecha


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