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DC + Floor - input

Hello everybody,

soon will move to new location its a 30-story building with 6 switches on each floor, datacenter finalized on 15th floor.

2960-x series access switches for floors is gonna be considered, all 6 switches will be stacked.

N7K to be core X 2

N5K and 2K - Servers

4500-x to be distribution sw X 2

5580 DC firewall X 2

Palo Alto considered as Internet Edge Firewall - have more application control then cisco asa-cx

redundant WAN Routers

redundant VPN Routers

redundant Load Balancers

redundant Proxy devices

redundant SSL VPN boxes - options are Juniper or F5

Total 10 cabinets for Systems and Application

Total 2 cabinets for Storage

What are the best practises to consider/install for

  1. number of fiber optic cable to be pulled till DC from each floor
  2. to avoid messing with cables what is ideal for patching all floors fibers
  3. how many network racks to consider for above boq all devices are redundant
  4. recomended to install top of rack switch for systems and application racks
  5. placement of N7K , N5K and redundant devices in same or different rack

appreciate feedback on

  1. network cabinet brands
  2. copper, fiber type/brand to consider
  3. other passive units i.e patch pannel copper/fiber

thanks to all experts up-hand



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