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Desighn Project

As we are planing to have a New Branch in one country  ,

                     Already we had a  Data-link-connection to this Country ,As we had a Data-link Connection Directly to head office ,we not Going have CISCO ASA(site-to-site VPN connection ).

Data Link Connection should Have the IP ranges of 10.11.X.X

We are planing to have below Devices for our New office Set-up

1) Cisco 3945 UC bundle - For VoIP and also its should Connect with our Head office Call manager

2) Cisco 3560 Switch - one will be act as a core-switch

3)Cisco 2100 Series LAN controller for - Wireless

Kindly suggest a good setup for the network ,more than 50 users will be in our New office .



Desighn Project

this depends on how you communicant and connect to the head office

i am assuming you will be using a L2 vlan over the data-link connection you have

if you are gonna using one ip range over one vlan you can use one flat vlan for both data and voice this is simple but not best practice

if you can use two differnt vlans one for voip and one for data this option better and then you do the intervlan routing in the 3550 where the ip phones and voice gateway can be place in the voice vlan and PCs in the data vlans

also you need to consider DHCP if its gonna be from a local device/server or from the head office !!

hope this help

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