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L4 ASA5520 Firewall act as NTP Server/Client

Hi experts,


I know that ASA can act as ntp server/client simultaneously, so my question is, do you preffer/recommend to use dorder router or FW such as ASA to act as NTP server for internal switch/router as well as the windows hosts??? I know that network equipments is ok, but not sure how about synch time from ASA to windows hosts.


so, I've ASA 5520 and designed to be reside on L4 Firewall, and also create one DMZ, and put PDC on inside's ASA. then what is the best practice for time stratum?

 1) Use L4 FW, asa 5520 to get time from internet, and configure it to NTP server as well as. then my internal switches/routers and windows PDC(primary domain controller)could set their time source to border asa 5520.


 2) Set internal PDC to take time from internet, supposed to allow to pass only ntp between PDC/internet via ASA 5520, then L4 ASA 5520 and others sw/routers get time from insides PDC...


can some one point me out?


Thanks and regards,

Taixing An

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My central point for sync NTP

My central point for sync NTP is my SVI in Management, and this one Sync from Internet in last case i have a less prefered end-point (PDC)

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