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MM Fiber to MM Fiber


I have 4 different fiber network feeds coming in from different buildings / closet into a room.. from that room a 24 strand fiber runs to the datacenter.

All the fiber is MM 62.5.

So lets say I want to run patch cables from each of the fiber patch panels to this 24 strand fiber and bypass using a switch in the closet all together.

Is this possible?

So for Building A it would look like this...

Building A: 6 strands to fiber patch panel -> Miscellaneous Building Closet Fiber Jumper -> 6 strands to fiber patch panel in Datacenter

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MM Fiber to MM Fiber

Let's see if I understand....

you want to go from X building to datacentent with passive F.O. connectivity by patching step by step?

If I understand correctly... you do consider the total distance together with the sfp or gbic that you will use.

MM Fiber to MM Fiber

Hi Jensen,

Do you mean to say that from buliding to data centre you will be putting a switch in between to extend the fiber connectivity all the way through datacentre????



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MM Fiber to MM Fiber

You can do it without the switch, but it depends on the total distance and the type of  connectivity, you will use data.

what kind of connectivity would you use? 1gb sx?

MM Fiber to MM Fiber

Hi Jensen,

don't use any switch in the middle. Just patch from one patch panel location building_A_incoming_fiber to the corresponding outgoing patch panel location Datacentre_fiber_out . Often these operations are referred as "loop" because you do not terminate the fiber on an active device but you loop it back to another fiber. As above mentioned, if your patch panel is passive (does not refresh the signal) you need to count the total distance and to compare to the type of MM fiber you are using .

good Luck


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