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Need help figuring out WLC/SRE and 1941/21

Hi. I am trying to put together a package for a customer of mine. I just got signed up at a Cisco Partner. Currently they have a 2811 router and a 2504 WLC. The 2811 is noisy and just doesn't work right. I'm looking at a 1921 with a SRE w/ WLC software. The problem is I can't figure out the right part number or order sequence.

My 1st thought was a 1921 with the WLC moudle that comes with 6 ap licenses. But it seems that is EOL and I am not sure the 1921 will support it - will it? Next thought was a 1941 with a ISM and WLC software. The documentation and website is very confusing. The router is like $900, which is fine. So then I have to buy the ISM seperate? Then buy the WLC software, then liceneces? If someone could help me out it would be great. Thanks.

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Need help figuring out WLC/SRE and 1941/21

The 1900 ISR G2 will NOT support any WLC in any shape or form.

The 1941 has an option to have an access point that can be managed by a WLC.

If you really want something that'll work with an NME-AIR-WLC then you can choose from the Cisco 2800, 2900 and 3800, 3900 Series Integrated Services Routers.

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Need help figuring out WLC/SRE and 1941/21

Humm... That is different that what the documentation states:

States the 1941 will hold a ISM 300 with upto 10 AP's.

Or is that not the case? WIll a 1941 hold the WLC module?

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Re: Need help figuring out WLC/SRE and 1941/21

I based my response via here:

Relevant Interfaces and Modules:  Wireless Modules

This document is also reflected in the data sheet and Q& A for the NME-AIR-WLC where it will specify which ISR G1/G2 platforms are supported. 

WIll a 1941 hold the WLC module?


Another thing, if you go to the data sheet of the 1921 and/or 1941, you will notice the absence of any mention of WLC.  The only "wireless LAN" being mentioned is on the 1941 but only as a wireless access point.

You want to know why?

Look at the pictures of the two models.  There is NO PHYSICAL WAY you can install/insert a NME module into an HWIC slot.

Re: Need help figuring out WLC/SRE and 1941/21

Hi Jonathan,

except my total respect to the 2800 series, i would tell you you are looking for a 2911. Remeber that the 2900 series belong to the ISR G2 that by default come with an IP Base lisence and you need to upgrade the lisence for the IOS 15 choosing the need that best macth your client requirements (Data,UC,Security,Voice or a bundle of those).

Hope to help


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