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Nexus 5596 L3 Core Design

We are planning to dual home 3 separate routers ( WAN, Internet,  and Replication- circuits) into our current pair of 5596's that exist at our newly built second data center which is mainly for dev and dr purposes at this time. We are using the 5596's as a collapsed core utilizing the L3 daughter cards, FC for SAN, and dual homed fex's for server/appliance access. We run EIGRP in our main DC and plan to utilize it there as well. We currently have 4x10GE as our peer link and are using HSRP. I understand I will also need to add the peer gateway command to both 5k's.  I have determined that we will need  /30 routed links 1GE links to each router ( since vPC is out of the question) however my main concern is if I need a separate routed link between the two 5596's???

Brief design layout is attached.

Kind Regards, MTR
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Nexus 5596 L3 Core Design

Yes, you should configure another L3 link between the N5Ks.



Re: Nexus 5596 L3 Core Design


You have two options

Using non-vPC vlan over vPC peer link to be used for eigrp peering between the n5ks

Or use separate link for this purpose

Hope this help

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