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Bug Content Rating System - What do you think?

Bug Toolkit User Community:

We’ve been actively reading the feedback you’ve provide to us on the Bug Toolkit, and our team is striving to make improvements to our tool and its contents to meet your needs.  We’d like to continue our efforts by obtaining your input on how to best improve the bug details/content. 

We are considering to provide an option for you to rate the bug details/content displayed when you drill down to the bug level. This way we can target specific weaknesses in the bug details/content and make changes to that content, resulting in improving your troubleshooting experience in the future.

Please let us know your thoughts



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Re: Bug Content Rating System - What do you think?

Hi Arun,

First off, thanks for continuing to look for ways to improve the Bug Toolkit

and the other CCO Tools! Great work

I really think that this could be bundled in with this existing feedback section

Give us feedback.

Please rate your overall experience with Bug Toolkit (include the search experience, setting notifications for bugs, ease of getting to bug
information, etc).

Excellent            Good            Average            Fair            Poor
Were the bug details provided in your search results effective in solving your problem ?
Yes             No            Just browsing
Please provide us with suggestions to improve the Bug Content Details or the Bug Toolkit experience:

You may contact me regarding my feedback

And moved up the page significantly to be made far more prominent in the overall page view. I think many of us

miss this section altogether due to being below the first page view. I would move it ahead of this section;

Interpreting This Bug
           Bug Toolkit provides access to the latest raw bug data so you have the earliest possible knowledge of bugs that may affect your network, avoiding un-necessary downtime or inconvenience. Because you are viewing a live database, sometimes the information provided is not yet complete or adequately documented. To help you interpret this bug data, we suggest the following:
  • This status of this bug is fixed. The problem described in the bug report is "fixed-in" all release versions targeted to be fixed, and all changes have been successfully tested.
  • Check for a software release later than these listed in the "Fixed-in" versions in software download center.
  • The "fixed-in" version may not be available for download yet until all the other bugs targeted to be fixed for that major release are processed. No release date information is available to Bug Toolkit. Please check the software download section frequently to look for a new version.
  • Sometimes the bug details, when available, contain the "fixed-in" version information or link to the upgrade or patch.
  • Always check the software release notes before performing any upgrade to understand new functionality and open bugs not yet fixed.
  • Any "workaround" listed in the bug details section is generally provided as a way to circumvent the bug until the code fix has been completed; often in lieu of downgrading to a non-affected version of code.
  • In certain rare circumstances, we are unable to fix the bug in all versions in which it is found. The bug will still have a 'fixed' status. Please open a service request with the Technical Assistance Center if you are being impacted by a bug in this condition.
  • Obscure version references are usually internal builds and may never be posted as a full release. Please watch for a release version later than the interim build displayed.
  • This bug has a Moderate severity 3 designation. Things fail under unusual circumstances, or minor features do not work at all, or things fail but there is a low-impact workaround.
  • This is the highest level for documentation bugs.  (Bug Toolkit may not provide access to all documentation bugs.)
  • Severity levels are designated by the engineering teams working on the bug. Severity is not an indication of customer priority which is another value used by engineering teams to determine overall customer impact.
  • Bug documentation often assumes intermediate to advanced troubleshooting and diagnosis knowledge. Novice users are encouraged to seek fully documented support documents and/or utilize other support options available.
  • Just my thoughts here



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    Re: Bug Content Rating System - What do you think?

    Hi Rob

    Thanks for your continued feedback too.

    Your input is correct, we will be considering on opportunities to bundle, and make it more visible & relevant.



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