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Bug Search Tool is out of Beta and Fully Available for your use

We are excited to announce the release of Bug Search Tool (BST), the online successor to Bug Toolkit, designed to improve our customers’ effectiveness in network risk management and device troubleshooting.

Bug Search Tool allows partners and customers to search for software bugs based on product, release and keyword– and aggregates key data such as bug details, product, and version. Bug Search Tool reduces the time taken for product/release searches from minutes to seconds over its predecessor Bug Toolkit. The service also has provision to filter bugs based on credentials to provide external and internal bug views for the search input.

Top New Features

  • Enables input of  
    • Keywords and problem description
    • Product Identification (PID)
    • Metadata Framework (MDF) Product Category, Series, Model, Software version and/or version type
  • Retrieves customer and partner-relevant bug information with a single Bug ID as input
  • Returns relevant bug summary information with a list of up to 10 Bug IDs as input
  • Provides access to view the quality ratings provided by customers for the bugs and also add new reviews.

Available Now

This service was developed and refined in close consultation with customers and partners through advisory boards, online forums and other direct communications. 

I just wanted to compliment you on the new Bug Search Tool. It is fantastic. very quick, easy to use and has a well laid out GUI. Thanks for the great work!”

Cisco Customer

Please check out Bug Search Tool on or take the self-guided BST interactive tour and to learn more contact us.

Bug Search team (Christine Woods, Deepika Vijayakumar, Sam Guemple)

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Re: Bug Search Tool is out of Beta and Fully Available for your

As of today, the tool does not allow selecting 'Software type', for example IOS. The dropdown list is empty. Consequently, the search cannot be restricted as needed.

Also, when results are shown, sorting by "No. fo case reported" causes all results to be removed. At that point the search is not functional until "clear" is done.

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Re: Bug Search Tool is out of Beta and Fully Available for your

hi Paolo,

Thanks for your feedback!

The software type dropdown is dependant on the product you select and not a global lookup.  I can see how that is confusing so I will add this to our issue tracking system and see what the UE team thinks about it.

I wasn't able to reproduce the sorting by case and your results disappear, would you be able to send me the steps or search you ran to get into that condition? 


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Re: Bug Search Tool is out of Beta and Fully Available for your

Thank you Christine.

In the tool, try entering "OSPF" in "Search For". A list will populate. Then select "Sort By" -> "No. of Cases reported". The list will be replaced by "No Matching Bugs Found.Please change your search criteria".

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Re: Bug Search Tool is out of Beta and Fully Available for your

Hi Sam,

First off, I wanted to say THANKS to the whole Bug Search team for their

continued hard work in making BST a great online tool!!

I wanted to add a couple of further observations on BST in addition to my

buddy Paolo's initial comments (+5 "P")

- Version choices in Communications Manager and Unity Connection are not honored.

For example, if I go through Voice & Unified> IP Telephony> Unified Communications

Platform> Communications manager> Cisco Unified Communications Manager Version 9.1

There will be 44,535 results (????) then I have to input 9.1 again in the "Releases" box and

I then receive the correct 754 results. So BST is not honoring the original choice of

Cisco Unified Communications Manager Version 9.1. This is the same for all versions as well

as Unity Connection choices.

- IP phone 8900 series bugs are actually all listed under the 6900 series (????). If you

don't know this trick you can never find any bugs related to the 8900 series. These are two distinct

product lines and the bugs should be sorted accordingly.



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