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CSCsw15334 - Not able to ssh, ssh_exec openand40;pager

We currently have this issue on the following platform and we cannot put it into production until it is resolved:

ASA 9.1(2)

ASDM 7.1(3)

Pair of 5585-X's with SSP 60's running spanned etherchannel clustering

Symtoms: Firewall cluster formed OK while testing and stable for over a month, when put into production the master firewall became unreachable on several occations over a 2 day period. On one occation causing the master ASA to crash and reload itself. It is believed that on both occations the issue was caused by running a packet capture on the ASDM.

So at first we took them back out of production and tried to replicate this, we were able to replicate the issue only on 2 ASDM client machines running Java 1.6.x but were unsure what was causing it as memory and CPU looked good on the ASA's while the firewalls weren't reachable via ASDM/SSH. Packet captures on ASDM machines running Java 1.7.x couldn't replicate the issue including an ASDM client we had upgraded to prove this was the issue. After some reloads we have now been unable to replicate this issue again on machines running Java 1.6.x so we are unsure if this is conclusive.

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CSCsw15334 - Not able to ssh, ssh_exec openand40;pager

FYI we have also shut down the HTTP server, deleted the RSA keys, regenerated them from scatch in various sizes and re-enabled HTTP with no definative results.

Cisco Employee

CSCsw15334 - Not able to ssh, ssh_exec openand40;pager

Hi David,

First - you really should open a TAC case and include the crashinfo files so we can conclusively determine the cause of the crashes.  However, based on the information supplied so far, it sounds like you may be running into CSCui22862.  Which causes a crash on the ASA if you are using ASDM, and the packet capture wizard included within it, and also have set a circular-buffer for the capture.  If you then attempt to change the buffer size, the ASA will crash.

If this is what you are experiencing, the workaround is to either not use circular-buffer when configuring the capture with ASDM, or do not modify the buffer size after creating the capture within ASDM.



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