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CSCtr91647 - TMS always adds bridge if conference bandwidth is more than endpoint can

I created this by clicking on the Start Community Discussion link at the bottom of the Bug Search page entry.  I changed the Title from blank to the text title description of the bug.  I only was able to find out about this problem because there are a few similar Discussion threads created here describing the issue and looking for help solving it.


Basically, our MCU was being added to every booked conference even if it is supposed to be point-to-point and we would really only prefer to be using the MCU if absolutely necessary.  It is seldom necessary for us, as our endpoints have built-in Multisite.


I will try the work-around suggested below, but since our various endpoints all have different bandwidth capabilities, it sounds like we'd need to keep a chart handy for showing the bandwidth caps of each endpoint in order to take full advantage of the bandwidth, for each booking, rather than set the default booking connection speed to the lowest-common speed among all endpoints, which I think is 512k

I would like to request that this be fixed in TMS.


Here is the bug text, which is currently listed as Status: Terminated / No release planned to fix this bug:




TMS always adds bridge if conference bandwidth is more than endpoint can

Cisco TMS adds a bridge to a scheduled point-to-point call, even though there are only two participants.


The issue applies to all versions of Cisco TMS, and happens when the user asks for a higher conference bandwidth than the participants support. For example, if selecting a bandwidth of 6144kbps and adding two TC software endpoints to the conference, TMS automatically adds a TelePresence MCU. This is because TC software endpoints do not support higher bandwidths than 6000kbps, while TelePresence MCUs do.

This behavior in Cisco TMS is by design. However, behavior is confusing to some customers, and there are better ways of routing such conferences. A new model where users can book with a "max" IP bandwidth value is being investigated for a future Cisco TMS release.


Lower the conference bandwidth before saving the conference. Note that Cisco TMS won't automatically remove the bridge when re-saving existing conferences with a lower bandwidth.
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