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CSCum80710 - Predownload Image does not work on WLC to

This bug was opened on our controllers and we are running 5508 series, not 8500s.

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CSCum80710 - Predownload Image does not work on WLC to

Was told by TAC today that the AP's will update after rebooting the controller(s).  You just can't pre-download.  This is only happening on the AIR-CAP2602I-A-K9 units we have installed.

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hello, Has anyone of you



Has anyone of you eventually pressed the "reboot" button on the wlc?!!!

Are the 2602s able to download the new code ( after the wlc is upgraded?

looking forward for your feedback!

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It is not necessary to reboot

It is not necessary to reboot the controller. The APs need to be rebooted because that is where the code resides.

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hey peter, well the situation

hey peter,


well the situation is like this:

1)latest code has been downloaded to the wlc

2) pre-download on the majority of aps done

3) pre-download on the 2602 fails

So, the big question is: are the 2602s going to download the new code as soon as the wlc is restarted?


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Yes. The code is actually

Yes. The code is actually there on the controller to download for the 2602. Really what you have is a legacy mode for the 2602. In my case I have hundreds of these things and rebooting the controller and the system limitation of 10 2602 loads at a time is really slow. So you are running 7.6 on the controllers and it still won't pre-download to the 2602? Makes sense I guess. Aruba is looking better every day!

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hi peter, we are actually

hi peter,


we are actually running our wlc under 7.4 and we are in the process of upgrading. done the pre-download to some of the aps but the pre-download fails for all the 2602!

so, based on the thread, after the reload of the wlc, the 2602 will eventually download the new code.

according to your expertise, is this the case?!



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Expertise is a flattering

Expertise is a flattering word. I actually opened a TAC case for this and they identified the bug. They tested in their lab because I don't have a test environment and I am not going to play in production lest I want a new job, and they found the 2602 does grab the correct code and load. I have not as of yet rebooted or upgraded. I thought I would wait for Cisco Prime 2.1, which is now out. I have talked to others who have rebooted and had success.

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I have the same problem on a

I have the same problem on a 8510 WLC Controller with the Version I try to Pre-Download the Version with the 1242 AG AP's everything is fine, but with the Cisco 2602e the log on the wlc show me the following message while im trying to pre-download the image


AP with MAC: b0:00:b4:7c:83:50(AP580) upgrade image from verion: to failed. Failure Cause:Not enough free space in flash..


We have a enviroment with 2600 Access Points (1800x Cisco 1242AG and 800x Cisco 2602e) im wondering because the most 1242AG have a free disk space of 3 MB and the Pre-Download works fine and the 2602 have a free disk space of 13 MB and i got this failure message.


@peter.grafton: Any new feedback from cisco to your opened TAC case?


Thx in Advance 

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i found a short notice in the

i found a short notice in the release notes of version

But it looks like in my case that it's not a general problem with the cisco 2602 because a few 2602 ap's were able to  pre-download the image to



If you upgrade from a release that is prior to Release 7.5 directly to Release 7.6.X or a later release, the predownload process on Cisco AP2600 and AP3600 fails. After the Cisco WLC is upgraded to Release 7.6.X or a later release, the new image is loaded on Cisco AP2600 and AP3600. After the upgrade to a Release 7.6.X image, the predownload functionality works as expected. The predownload failure is only a one-time failure, which is limited to the predownload process.

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i found a workaround to pre

i found a workaround to pre-download the image to 2602 AP's. In my enviroment it was no possible to pre-download the image on our active controller with the version when the Mini IOS Version was for example or on the ap's, but when the Mini IOS Version was then the pre-download was impossible. To set the Mini IOS Version on these AP's to do the following steps....


- Telnet or SSH to the CLI of the AP

- show flash (the recovery version is shown for example: rcvk9w8-mx)

- delete /recursive /force flash:ap3g2-rcvk9w8-mx

- Reboot the AP and after this the Mini IOS Version is 


Now you can pre-download the Version to all 2602 AP's

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Marco,Great find! This allows


Great find! This allows an upgrade to a single AP at a time and reduces the impact-downtime on our end users. The bad part for me is I have 183 2602i APs! I did it the hard way and rebooted them during off hours. 


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hi peter,this allows an

hi peter,

this allows an upgrade not only to a single ap that allows an pre-download to all 2600 AP'son the Controller to reduce the downtime. I've tried this workaround only with Cisco 2602e Access Points not with Cisco 2602i Access Points but i think it should work also.

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The resolution according to

The resolution according to TAC was to upgrade to I explained this doesn't help minimize my downtime as several hundred APs will be down much longer because now they have to wait in line to download new code, install it, and reset several times. I have not tried an upgrade to anything past yet as it is the latest suggested software release, at least until the next bug.

On a side note, I have a pile of WS-C4510R+E switches with dual WS-X45-SUP7-E running VSS. I could write a small book about what they can't do, but for this forum let's just say they also can't do ISSU upgrade, even though they are sold with the ability. The configuration guide even has a section called ISSU with full instructions, but half way through bold letters state the control AND data plane will reload. WTF?

We just bought 93 3850-48U-S which are sold as ISSU capable, or soon to be. I will keep the communities updated with the results. HP is releasing new switches with ISSU in a few months.

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Hello,as written below we


as written below we have the same issue here.

2602 APs won't pre-download the 7.6 Firmware.

I just tried and rebootet, without any problem. The WLC comes up with the new software and the APs are downloading also the new image and they are working.





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