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Details of CSCdr29301 required

Im having problems with FXO supervisory disconnects and on the support community I seen the bugID CSCdr29301 mentioned.

The bug tool kit says that this bug is no longer available due to information which can't be disclosed

Does anyone have any information on this bug??


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Details of CSCdr29301 required

Hi there,

I know this doesn't answer your question fully to be sure, but it's worth

noting that that bug was from 2001 and the 12.1 IOS (3600 series) so I think that's why it might

not be included for viewing anymore



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Re: Details of CSCdr29301 required

CSCdr29301 is ~12 years old (May, 2000), and is not a bug at all.  This is why it is maked internal to Cisco (never published) in the first place, and it just serves as the anchor point where a feature enhancement was added.  Are you sure it is the right bug id? 

The summary features added at the time, for completeness:

1) disconnect-tone/answer tone qualifier removed from "supervisory disconnect dualtone" feature.

2) "supervisory disconnect cptone" was changed to "supervisory disconnect anytone"

3) allow configuring a single tone

4) the number of freq-pairs has changed from 10 to 16

First appears in 12.1(3) IOS (12.1(3a)T1 to be precise), not applied to the MC3810 VCM card.

The official release note (second hit on an internet search for the bug id) is:

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Details of CSCdr29301 required

Hi Phillip,

Great response +5

It's so awesome when someone like yourself takes the time out of their

day to answer these queries. Thanks for this!



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Details of CSCdr29301 required

To be honest, I was waiting for someone else from the Bug Toolkit team to jump in until I saw your reply which intrigued me enough to investigate further.  Thanks for jumping in and piquing my interest.

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