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EIGRP does not redistribute routes after interface flaps

We had a case recently where EIGRP stopped re-distributing the default route learnt from BGP. This is on a backup link only used when the primary failed so was only noticeable on a failure.

Looking through the router logs the interface involved in BGP had flapped a few days before.

It was resolved by clearing the route.


I found this bug which fitted the scenario exactly but unfortunately  with a re-active workaround and no planned fixes


EIGRP does not redistribute routes after interface flaps



A Cisco router learns a default route from the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) 
and redistributes this route into the Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing 
Protocol (EIGRP). When the interface through which the default route is 
learned is cleared manually, EIGRP stops advertising the default, even though 
default route is in the routing table and the EIGRP topology table.

Workaround: Enter the 
clear ip route {} EXEC command.


I just wondered if anyone else had come across it or knew any more about how to mitigate against this possible issue.


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I have a similar error but

I have a similar error but with clear of EIGRP sessions mitigate.

Do you find out adicional information about it?

I'm planning upgrade of IOS to try to fix this problem.


Kind regarts,

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