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Your new Bug Toolkit Product Manager


Bug Toolkit User Community

My name is Arun Solleti, and I am your new Product Manager for Bug Toolkit. To help me plan for future enhancements in Bug Toolkit, I would appreciate if you can share some feedback on below.

1) If you could change one thing about Bug Toolkit today, what would it be?

2) What new features/functionality will make Bug Toolkit more useful?




Re: Your new Bug Toolkit Product Manager

Welcome Arun,

I have not used the Bug Toolkit a lot but I am and will be using more as part of my new job function is to check for bugs as we get new equipment and upgrade IOS.

I just did a search for Bug for one of my routers and got 3,496 Bugs!!! How can I go through all that and really evaluate? I opened a few and even though I entered only to get results for a 3825 router with a certain IOS I got results for 7200 routers, not just mine. Also I was not using a lot of the functions that were given in the results so the Bugs did not apply to me. So it would be a daunting task to figure out which ones I should worry about and which do not apply.

What I would like to see is maybe the ability to paste the output of the  Show Inventory  and Show Version  which would give you the platform, IOS level, and all the hardware that I am looking for and then take me to a page with some check boxes of the all the features  and functions that are available for what was entered then I could check only the things I am concerned about and then only return the Bugs that apply to my hardware, IOS level, and the features I use.

In other woods get me to the point quicker and only show me what I need to see.


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