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Webcast- Automate Nexus9k

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Say goodbye to Cisco Support Community as you know it today. Say hello to Cisco Community. This July we will complete the migration of content from Cisco Communities, consolidate the content with Cisco Support Community and launch our new single customer and partner community destination, Cisco Community.


In this streamlined community, we will have:

  • A streamlined community experience
  • A combined peer network, including additional Cisco participation
  • Restructuring of communities to more easily find the content you need


Here’s a sneak peek at what Cisco Community will look like:







While Cisco Community will have a new name and an updated look from Cisco Support Community, you will continue to have the same functionality you’ve been enjoying on the Lithium platform.


Questions? Review our FAQs or contact the Cisco Community team at


We are excited to announce that Cisco Support Community and Cisco Communities are merging in July 2018. Most of our functionality will remain the same, and there will be some improvements to the look and feel of the community.

You can look forward to enhancements such as:

  • Streamlined community experience
  • Combined peer network, including additional Cisco participation
  • Restructuring of communities to more easily find the content you need

We will keep you informed so you know what to expect and when. In the meantime, keep an eye on our blogs for more details and sneak peeks. For more information, read these FAQs. If you have general questions about this change email us at:


Thank you for being a valuable member of our community.


Kindest regards,

Joann Hartman
Monica Lluis


To complete my clearances so that we are able to decide if the ASA5506X can be deployed, as successor of the ASA5505, at our customers sites I urgently need the following information:

  • EN55022 class B conformity
  • EN55022 class A conformity
  • EN55024 conformity
  • MTBF Value

I tried many ways to get this information but without success, is there anyone out there who can help me to get this Information?




We are excited to announce the 2018 Cisco Designated VIP class for the Cisco Support Community.


The Cisco Designated VIP program recognizes the top external individual contributors in Cisco's online communities, including the Cisco Support Community and the Cisco Learning Network.


Cisco Designated VIPs are recognized by their peers and the industry for their expertise and tireless contributions, and their abundant participation is vital to community success.


Heartfelt congratulations to these Cisco technology industry leaders!


Thank you to all the 2017 Cisco Designated VIPs for all their contributions last year. We appreciate all your contributions regardless of the VIP status. You are the soul of the Community and thanks to your knowledge sharing, this community continues to thrive.


- Cisco Support Community Team


Cisco Support Community VIPs

This distinction is only given to a select group of Cisco customers & partners & guest community members, based on many factors in the program. We are so grateful of the extensive community involvement of these highly respected technology experts. Consider viewing their profiles and “following” their posts to grow your knowledge.

IP Telephony
IP Telephony
IP Telephony, Contact Center
Small Busines
Wireless, Spanish
IP Telephony
WAN, Spanish
Wireless, Portuguese
Georg Pauwen
Contact Center, IP Telephony
LAN, WAN, Spanish
Firewalling, VPN

Leo Laohoo Support Forums Hall of Fame

WAN, Wireless, LAN

Firewalling, FirePower, VPN
IP Telephony 
VPN, Firewalling, AAA
IP Telephony
IP Telephony

Support Forums Hall of Fame  Hall of Fame




VIP Class of 2017 Announcement 

Cisco Learning Network VIPs

[Read More]




I'm a Cisco Certified, I have a CCNA, CCNP & CCDP, my certifications will expire by April and I would like to recertify.


My question is, Will the 300-135 Tshoot Exam, will it be sufficient for recertifying?


I'm asking in case something changed in this topic.


Thank you



We would like to thank all our members, users and visitors so as all the technology experts and enthusiasts for being part of this community. Thanks to all of you, we are one of the largest tech communities around the globe.

On this blog you will find all the evets and activities that have place in the community on year 2017.



Webcast Events 


December 5th 

Discover Your Data Center with Tetration Analytics

with Miguel Nakhoul

November 28th 

Layer 3 Multicast: Security and Best Practices

with Luis Espejel & David Ramirez 

October 24th 

Troubleshooting with NX-OS

with Cisco Press Author Vinit Jain 

September 19th  

Deploy and Operate Cisco NGFW-FTD

with Aastha Bhardwaj and Dinkar Sharma 




June 20th 

IWAN: Identify and Troubleshoot Common Issues

with Catherine Wu & Aaron Rohyans



February 14th 

Lessons Learned Deploying an All-Wireless Office

with Geroge Stefanick 



Ask the Expert Events


(Tetration Analytics) Discover Your Data Center with Tetration Analytics 

with Miguel Nakhoul 

(Network Infrastructure) Layer 3 Multicast: Security and Best Practices

with Luis Espejel and Miguel Perez

(Security) Anyconnect implementation: troubleshooting & best practices

with Aditya Ganjoo & Puneesh Chhabra

(Data Center) Flexpod: Architecture, Configuration and Troubleshooting

with Artem Tkachov

(Data Center) Troubleshooting with NX-OS

with Vinit Jain, Cisco Press Author 

(Network Infrastructure) QoS: Catalyst 3850 Configure, Identify and troubleshoot common issues

with Carlos Villagrand & Gilberto Cardenas 

(Network Infrastructure)  Network of the future - Software Defined Networking

with Enrique Ramirez

(Service Providers) XRv9000 Virtual Router Architecture

with Sudhir Kumar & Anilkumar Dantu

(Security) Deploy and Operate Cisco NGFW-FTD

with Aastha Bhardwaj & Dinkar Sharma

(Unified Communications) CUCM 12.X Smart Licensing Overview

with Mohit Grover & Amit Singh

(Network Infrastructure) IWAN: Identify and Troubleshoot Common Issues

with Catherine Wu & Aaron Rohyans

(Wireless) Lessons Learned Deploying an All-Wireless Office

with George Stefanick




The new Cisco support Community: we have a new home 

The new Cisco Support Community: What to expect, part I

The new Cisco Support Community: What to expect, part II

The new Cisco Support Community: What to expect, part III


Known issues post-launch



Top Contributors announcements 

Congratulations Marvin Rhoads: Our Newest Hall of Fame Member

Congratulations to Rob Huffman for achieving the highest rank in the Support Community









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Learn more about the Cisco Support Digital tools at Cisco Live Cancun 2017


This year you will have the opportunity to find out more about the Cisco Support Community and other solutions of the Cisco Digital Portfolio at one of the biggest IT and connectivity events in Latin America. Don’t miss out this opportunity and learn more about the tools that can help you to speed up, to ease, to automate and to digitalize your business!

We would like to share with you our agenda, from November 6th to 9th don’t miss out any details of what we will be doing in Cisco Live Cancun this year.


Monday 6th

Alive Interview- 10hrs
Monica Lluis, operations manager will be presenting the Cisco Support Community directly at the arena foyer.
This streaming will be available on streaming alive at:


Alive Demo- 16hrs
Enjoy of an Alive Demo of the Community and all its features at the World of solutions. Let Monica Lluis, Operations Manager of the community, led you thought our home.

World of Solutions 19:30-21:00hrs
On the evening the World of Solutions will be opening, you will be able to know more about Cisco Support Digital tools from the: Technical Support App, My Devices and Connected TAC to the Cisco Support Community.
Visit us at the Cisco Services Booth and know more about these tools, you can get a demo of each tool!

Tuesday 7th

Alive Interview- 10hrs
We start this morning with Antonio Carola, Product Manager from support tools. During this interview Antonio will be presenting all the Digital Support tools
It will be alive on alive streaming as well at:

Digital Support Tools demo- 12hrs
Enjoy of an alive Demo of the digital support tools at the world of solutions with Product Manager Antonio Carola

World of Solutions 10:00-17:00hrs
Learn more about Cisco Support Digital tools from the Technical Support App, My Devices and Connected TAC to the Cisco Support Community.
Visit us at the Cisco Services Booth and know more about these tools, you can get a demo of each tool!


Wednesday 8th 

World of Solutions 10:00-17:00hrs
Learn more about Cisco Support Digital tools from the Technical Support App, My Devices and Connected TAC to the Cisco Support Community.
Visit us at the Cisco Services Booth and know more about these tools, you can get a demo of each tool!


Thursday 9

World of Solutions 10:00-15:00hrs

Learn more about Cisco Support Digital tools from the Technical Support App, My Devices and Connected TAC to the Cisco Support Community.
Visit us at the Cisco Services Booth and know more about these tools, you can get a demo of each tool!


 See you in Cisco Live Cancun 2017!


Meet the new 2 major enhancements of the Cisco Services portfolio 


Robb and Lauren_Twitter.jpg

Today’s technology offers unprecedented opportunity to leapfrog the competition. Don’t let overwhelmed operations and gaps in key IT talent put your digital dreams at risk.

Be one of the first to hear about two major enhancements to Cisco Services portfolio. 

Register now to see how these two new services can help you master agility, simplify operations, and secure your organization’s future.


Join us for: Master Your Digital Domain with New Cisco Services

October 17, 2017 at 9:00 a.m. Pacific Time / 12:00 p.m. Eastern Time


More details:




There are some known issues that are ongoing post-launch. We'll keep you updated on their status in this post. Please subscribe if you'd like to receive a notice when we make changes.


  1. Video upload issues in Chrome on Windows
    Video uploads need Flash. In order to enable Flash player, the following steps need to be followed  (see this adobe help article):
    Go to the Chrome settings page - chrome://settings/content
    Click the "Flash" tab
    Disable "ask first"
    Close Chrome, then reopen and you should now be able to upload videos

  2. Video files:
    Videos are in the process of being uploaded. If you need to watch a video that does not play yet, please send us an email and provide the link.
    Update: The majority of videos have been uploaded, only ~200 of the total 2k are pending due to known platform issue which will be resolved on Oct 31st. After this issue is resolved, the rest will be uploaded.

  3. Some redirects aren't working
    There are some redirects to communities that aren't working properly and you may get an error. If you use the global navigation (at the top of each page), or the "hamburger" menu hamburger.png you can get to the communities with no problem.
    Update: This is complete.
  4. Cisco Employee Leaderboards:
    We are in the process of implementing the Cisco Employee Leaderboard and it will be available in the near future. Rest assured that all your contributios and votes are stored in the database. 
    Update: This is complete.

  5. Documents Table of Content:
    We are in the process of integrating the Table of Content on the documents that had it. This is in the list of future enhancements.
    Update: This is complete.

  6. Voice Systems Community:
    Content on the SMB Voice Systems Community is not showing.  This is being worked out as top priority. 
    Update: This is complete.

  7. Bookmarks and Follows:
    The team is working on restoring your bookmarks and follows.
    Update: Bookmarks have been restored and user follows are complete.

  8. RSS Feed Subscriptions:
    Currently the RSS Feed link takes users to a broken xml page. We are reviewing the error and will work to fix it as soon as we can.
    Update: This is working as expected; users will need to have an RSS reader plugin installed in order for the feed to work.
  9. Videos Upload: 

    Currently, we are still facing some issue while we upload videos via Chrome and Mozilla. Its inconsistent. Some of the users have reported have it. We have raised a 'Lithium case'.  Lithium team is working on it and they have found that there is an issue in the Application. 

 Update from the CSC Dev team:


  1. Subscriptions:   Post launch, user subscriptions were not migrated. Our development team have figured out a way to migrate all the users exisiting subscriptions. Users might start observing new new subscription notifications in their profile. In, fact these subscriptions are the existing once, which are now getting migrated over to our new system. 

We are working to fix these known issues as soon as possible and we appreciate your patience while we continue to make improvements. Thank you.




For part I in this series, click here.
For part II in this series, click here.

As we finalize the new Cisco Support Community site, we wanted to share what you can expect in the next few days and after the launch on August 21, 2017.

New document navigation

In the current site, there are hundreds of discussion boards and document boards. To simplify navigation in the new site, we have updated documents to take advantage of labels instead of multiple boards. Here's how it works.

When you go to Network Infrastructure, for example, you will see the following:

The group of labels you see represent the sub-topics under Network Infrastructure. To find more specific topics, click on one of the labels:


Then you'll see documents related to that sub-topic. You can also subscribe to the label in order to get updates when new documents are created.


To see discussions on the same topic, click "Discussions" under "Related Content" in the right sidebar:


Badges for Hall of Fame, Spotlight, etc., will be updated after we go live. If you don't see a badge that you earned previously, don't worry! We'll have those up as soon as we can. We know you've worked hard to earn those badges, and we appreciate your contributions to Cisco Support Community.


Next week, post-launch, we'll feature more blog articles to help you get the most out of the new site. Please stay tuned!




For part I in this series, click here.
For part III in this series, click here.

As we finalize the new Cisco Support Community site, we wanted to share what you can expect in the next few days and after the launch on August 21, 2017. 

New ratings system

In the new Cisco Support Community, 5-star ratings are being retired. Instead, users will have the option to give a "helpful" vote on discussions, replies, and documents.

When you click helpful, the recipient will receive 5 helpful points.


There are several reasons for this change. First, we found that the majority of ratings were 5-stars in the old system. And second, we researched and found that most of the technical forums in the industry are using or moving to a simplified system. In order to keep some parity, though, with the way you've been earning points, we chose to give 5 helpful votes instead of 1. Otherwise, it will take a lot longer for users to reach a new ranking! And we wanted to keep the pace of earning points as close as possible to the previous way.


Any helpful votes given by employees, moderators, and community managers will only be shown as 1 helpful vote. This is to give priority to peer feedback within the community. (We will revisit this piece due to feedback from the community.)

New leaderboards

You'll see new leaderboards when we launch the new site. Instead of a single points leaderboard, we've broken activity into two leaderboards: one for accepted solutions (previously "Correct Answers") and one for helpful votes. (Please note that we have used test data for this example.)


This gives more users the chance to be recognized for their contributions to the community: for solutions, but also for being helpful to other community members.

You may be wondering how this contributes to the star-rankings for each person, and we'll explain that next.

You can view the leaderboards via the "Experts" section of the global navigation:

Points leaderboard

You may notice the absence of a points leaderboard, but rest assured we are still assigning points. The emphasis will be on solutions and helpful votes, but in the background ranking formulas, we are still assigning 5 points for accepted solutions so that you'll earn ranks at a similar speed. While you'll see 1 accepted solution on the leaderboard, you are receiving 5 points for each. Helpful votes will be assigned 5 points up front and you'll see that each time you click the star next to a helpful vote. Endorsements (from the old site) will be credited as accepted solutions where possible, but if a reply was both a correct answer AND an endorsement, then you will only get 1 (migrated) solution credit (but 5 additional helpful votes for every endorsement). Each endorsement will be converted to 5 helpful votes, so 5 endorsements will be 25 helpful votes.


Let's say you currently have 250 points, with 20 correct answers and 5 endorsements. On the new site, the solutions leaderboard will show ~25 solutions (the exception is if you had a reply that was a correct answer AND an endorsement - only one solution will be counted and you'll get additional helpful votes to make up for it). The helpful leaderboard will show 125 helpful votes (which is 250 - [(answers x 5 points) + (endorsements x 5 points)] ):
Most solutions: 25
Most helpful: 125
In the ranking formula, you will still get points equivalent to 125 + (25*5) = 250 (so you'll get the same ranking star)

Star rankings

You'll see that the ranks have changed very little on the new site -- we've updated the star icons just slightly, but you'll still see red, blue, green, super red, and so on. The rank you are in should be close to or equivalent with what you currently have. As always, with a migration there may be some minor discrepancies but we have worked hard to keep that minimal. The point ranges for each star ranking remains the same as before.

Current site:

New site:


(Don't worry about the missing VIP symbol in this example - we'll have a VIP/Hall of Fame combo ready soon.)


Up next, part III



As we finalize the new Cisco Support Community site, we wanted to share what you can expect in the next few days and after the launch on August 21, 2017.
For part II in this series, click here.
For part III in this series, click here.

As we mentioned in this notice, the site will be in read-only mode from 10:00pm PDT on Thursday, Aug. 17 through mid-day PDT on Monday, Aug. 21. You can still browse the site, but you will not be able to create new content (ask questions, answer topics, create documents or blog posts).

On Monday, August 21st, you'll see the brand new Cisco Support Community. Here's a preview:

The site is SSO-enabled, so you'll use the same credentials to log in as you do currently.

Navigating the site

Navigation is updated in the new site. You can use the global header to navigate, and choose from the drop-down menus:

Or you can navigate via the Community Topics:

There's also the "hamburger" menu, which opens up on the left side of your screen:

When you click it, then it expands to give you the topic areas:

Of course, you can also use Search to get to your topics of choice, too.

Interacting with content

When you find the content that you want to read (for example, a discussion that matches the topic you're looking for), you can interact in several ways. In the example discussion below, we'll show you what you can do.

To reply to a topic, click the "Reply" or "Quick Reply" button. Quick Reply allows you to quickly post a response with no additional formatting options. It's text only. If you want to add bold or images or insert code, then use the Reply button to get access to additional options:

Click "Post" to finish and post your reply.

Did a topic or response help you? You can rate it helpful by clicking the star next to "Helpful":

The button will fill in once you click it:

(more on this topic later)

Content options

On each discussion, there's an option menu that helps you get more out of your experience. Click the dots in the upper right corner of a discussion:

And you will see several options (options may vary from this example based on where you are in the community), including the ability to bookmark, subscribe to (follow), or report content.


Up next, part II...



Hearty Congratulations!


I would like to congratulate Rob Huffman for becoming the first community member to achieve the highest possible ranking. The super red rank is given to community members that have achieved over 40,000 points (in the previous platform.) His contributions over the past 12+ years in the IP Telephony, Unified Communications and many other communities have made a significant impact to the overall value of the Cisco Support Community.



Rob, we very much appreciate the many years you have been helping others. It's a great honor to have you in the community. We look forward to your valuable contributions in the new phase of the community.




If you see Rob on the community take a moment to congratulate him.





Monica Lluis 

- Cisco Support Community Team



To all Cisco Support Community members:

Please be advised that the Cisco Support Community will be in "Read Only" mode from 10:00 pm PST on Thursday evening August 17, 2017, through mid-day PST on Monday August 21, 2017 while the migration to the new platform is being completed. This means that you will be able to view content, but you will not be able to create, rate, or comment. For more information and links to additional updates as they become available, please continue to check the Cisco Cafe blog.

You can also get more detail about the Community migration here.

We ask for your patience during this process, and we thank you in advance for your continued support.


CreatePlease to create content
Ask the Expert- torubleshooting & Implementing VSS on Catalyst