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The new Cisco Support Community: What to expect, part III

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For part I in this series, click here.
For part II in this series, click here.

As we finalize the new Cisco Support Community site, we wanted to share what you can expect in the next few days and after the launch on August 21, 2017.

New document navigation

In the current site, there are hundreds of discussion boards and document boards. To simplify navigation in the new site, we have updated documents to take advantage of labels instead of multiple boards. Here's how it works.

When you go to Network Infrastructure, for example, you will see the following:

The group of labels you see represent the sub-topics under Network Infrastructure. To find more specific topics, click on one of the labels:


Then you'll see documents related to that sub-topic. You can also subscribe to the label in order to get updates when new documents are created.


To see discussions on the same topic, click "Discussions" under "Related Content" in the right sidebar:


Badges for Hall of Fame, Spotlight, etc., will be updated after we go live. If you don't see a badge that you earned previously, don't worry! We'll have those up as soon as we can. We know you've worked hard to earn those badges, and we appreciate your contributions to Cisco Support Community.


Next week, post-launch, we'll feature more blog articles to help you get the most out of the new site. Please stay tuned!


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Where are the old links ?

There are 2 (two) posts -only- in the voice system for SMB forum !

I was looking for this :

Where is it supposed to be ?

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Hi Becky, Monica and Team!  I'm still getting the hang of the new site but you've done a great job and I'm impressed with how my most recent posts that I replied to on Friday were also migrated over.  I'll keep playing around and let you know if I find anything of concern but just wanted to say Congratulations!!! 

Community Manager

Hi Alex,

Sure let us know if you find any issues. I will be happy to have them.



Community Member

I appreciate the efforts. The website is faster and looks cooler than before, finally. Good job Team!




Keyboard Banger

Community Manager

@Keyboard Banger Thank you for your comments! We appreaciate it. Happy posting!


Community Manager

@trollacisco Thank you for reporting these issues. The developement team is working to restore the Voice Systems community and the shortcuts and subcriptions. You can go here for the list of known issues.


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If you don't mind I have a couple of observations regarding the "friendly printer format":

- If a post contains colored text or words, the colors go black in the printed version

- if a post contains a horizontally-scrollabe text, it is truncated in the printed version, which definitely messes up the meaning of the text.




Keyboard Banger