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MTBF for switches and power supplies

Hello Cisco Community,

I am on a project and am looking for switch information that I've done hours of searching for and have found nothing.  I'm trying to find meantime between failure(MTBF) for a number of switches and their respective power supply so I can give the network design being made an accurate end to end availability number.  I have found the MTBF for the switches on their datasheets but not their power supplies. The power supplies I have been looking for are:

PWR-RGD-AC-DC/IAR for an IE-3010-24TC switch,

PWR-RGD-AC-DC-H for an IE 4010-16S12P switch, and

3000W AC Power Supply for a Catalyst 6506-E. 

Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advanced! 

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I don't now this for a fact,

I don't now this for a fact, but I think the MTBFs given are for the system as a whole.  I think that is why you can't find the MTBF for the individual components, like the power supplies.

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Hi Michael,

Hi Michael,

The MTBF of the power supply are not available publicly. If you are a partner, please contact the Cisco Presales team on the link below:

Else, please contact a Cisco certified partner nearest on on location regarding your concern:

Please use the partner locator tool:

I hope this help.

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