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Cisco Prime 1.3 Virtual Domains not visible

We recently noticed in our Cisco Prime Infrastructure VM that when viewing virtual domains or creating new virtual domains no devices, maps, or anything associated with the domain are visible. I did some testing and found that this only affects users associated to the ROOT-domain and if I add a test user to another previously configured domain, then I am able to see the devices associated with that domain. Since users in the ROOT-domain cannot view any devices in the other configured domains, we are unable to create new virtual domains or change existing domains. I've attached a screenshot of the virtual domains as a user logged in under the ROOT-domain and a separate screenshot that shows a user logged in under a non-ROOT-domain viewing the same virtual domain as the ROOT-domain user from the previous screenshot and you can see that devices are visible for the non-ROOT-domain user. Just wondering if anyone has come across this issue as it seems like a bug or database corruption. We do run a background task to do a NCS cleanup weekly.

Here is the version information:

Cisco Prime Network Control System
Version :
Patch: Cisco Prime Network Control System Version: Update.4.16

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I have the same problem but

I have the same problem but with the vesion 2.1.

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